About us

Talk a Bit is a student-organised conference with a focus on the multiple facets of technology. This year, we will explore the social impact of technology. How does it shape our lives? What can we do to seize its potential? How can technology turn against us? These are some of the questions we will tackle with the help of prominent figures in the academic and industrial field, through talks and a panel discussion.

You'll also have the chance to participate in networking and interview sessions with our sponsors. For those who want to get their hands dirty, sign up for our hackathon and show us how you can contribute to a better world.

For the first time in the Talk a Bit's history, the event will be fully remote. Join us for free while we talk a bit about technology!

Meet the Team


Luís Silva

Mariana Costa

Miguel Duarte

Communication and Image

Gonçalo Bernardo

Guilherme Vale

José Martins

Nuno Lopes

Teresa Ferreira


Ana Silva

Duarte Oliveira

Fábio Azevedo

Mariana Aguiar

Maria Viana


Fábio Oliveira

João Barbosa

Miguel Teixeira

Pedro Costa

Pedro Pinho

Ricardo Moura


Filipa Durão

Hugo Fernandes

João Miguel

Joana Silva

Mariana Dias

Rui Alves


André Esteves

Ângelo Teixeira

Francisco Filipe

Pedro Fernandes

Pedro Neto