About the conference
Talk a Bit - talkabit.org - is a non-profit student organised conference where are discussed hot topics about the social Impact of technology. The organisers are graduating students in Software Engineering at FEUP (Faculty of Engineering - University of Porto, Portugal). It started in 2013 with less than 150 people attending and was mostly internal to our university. Last year, the 4th edition, we had 400 participants ranging from software engineering students to experts in the area. Our activities include talks from startups and important players, ideas for the future, workshops, networking and more.
V Edition
Our goal is to greatly inspire the creators of tomorrow to act with greater social responsibility. It reflects our effort in this matter alongside with other initiatives like codingforsocialimpact.org, a partnership where students build technological solutions to social innovators. The 5th edition will take place on the 4th February, 2017 in the great auditorium of FEUP.
Celso Martinho

Bright Pixel

“Let's talk a bit about building a tech company"

I'm a challenge driven, optimistic geek technologist, product guy, and entrepreneurial soul, eventually thrown into a management career. Founder of SAPO, the largest Internet project in Portugal, now a media and content business and one of Portugal Telecom's innovation factories, building large scale B2C services in areas ranging from cloud, eTcommerce and eTpayments to IPTV interactivity.
CEO and founder of Bright Pixel, where experienced builders, creative thinkers and investors, try to transform two key things: the way companies address innovation and how new ventures are put together.
I have a serious addition to all things 8-bit, arcade and retro computing and an obsession with the Maker movement and the emerging Maker communities.
Margarida Carvalho


“Let's talk a bit about UX"

Graduated in New Communication Technologies, I started my career in the graphic design field. However, there was a necessity to redesign my workplace website, then I noticed that I would prefer digital design instead of the printing one. Also, I had been always fascinated about human’s mind and behaviours.
When I realized that this was what I enjoyed more, digital drawing and studying and observing people, I changed my job. Since then, I work in the User Experience field. I worked in many startups, including a non-profit, and I’m currently working at Bit | Sonae.
Hugo Menino Aguiar


“Let's talk a bit about speak.social"

Took his MSc in Computer Science Engineering at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, where he was also Assistant Professor. Was awarded with scholarships for research and lecturing. Worked as marketing geek, R&D and developer @ OutSystems, a successful startup. Moved to Google, divided his time between Dublin and Mountain View to work as online community specialist in 17 different languages.
Was awarded with a Google golden award due to his efficiency and productivity and was promoted to product manager. Later on he left Google to scale SPEAK, a social venture that he co-founded to help integrating migrants and refugees in the cities they move to. Mentor of IES - Social Business School and tech 4 social change startups. He is a Global Shaper @ World Economic Forum, was recognised by INSEAD has one of top 3 young social entrepreneurs with more potential in Portugal and by UNAOC as one of top 20 in the Euro-Med region.
Isabel Portugal


“Let's talk a bit about Data Science"

I am passionate about information and data analysis and eager to learn as much as I can in order to help companies pursue data-driven approaches. After taken a Bachelors in Economics I've decided to pursue a post-graduation in Business Intelligence and Analytics at Porto Business School in order to study different ways of how to extract, treat, analyse and visualize information.
For the last two years I've been also helping several companies extract value from their data and I've been involved in tech communities like Geek Girls Portugal, GDG Porto and Data Science Portugal.
António Moreira

Universidade Aberta

“Let's talk a bit about Emerging Educational Environments"

José António Moreira. Doctorate and Master’s degree in Education Sciences by University of Coimbra. Postgraduate in Educational Technologies and Communication, also by University of Coimbra. Auxiliary professor at the Department of Education and Remote Teaching in Universidade Aberta (UAb).
Currently the Director of the Regional Delegation of UAb in Porto and Coordinator of the Development Unit of the Local Learning Centers in the same university. Researcher at the Center of 20th century Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Coimbra and at the Remote Education Lab and eLearning at UAb.
Sara Riobom


“Let's talk a bit about an industrial engineer from FEUP that became a blogger"

Sara took her Master degree in Industrial Engineering and Management at FEUP, but quickly left Excel formulas in a consulting firm to follow her true passion: writing and telling stories. Nowadays, she writes on Portoalities, a Q&A city blog about Porto, and makes private tours in Porto and Northern Portugal.
Miguel Almeida


“Let's talk a bit about fraud prevention with machine learning"

I have around 5 years of experience as a Data Scientist in the industry. My responsibilities include new dataset analysis, conducting experiments for different approaches, and creating prototypes which are then used as basis for production systems.
I use Python for the majority of this work (including my own implementations of machine learning algorithms). When I implement production versions of the Research work, I do it in Scala. On occasion I implement Bash scripts and use off-the-shelf libraries like LIBLINEAR and scikit-learn.
I have 6 years of experience in academic research. I received my Doctoral degree with Distinction from IST (Portugal) and from Aalto University (Finland) in the fields of Electrical Engineering (at IST) and of Computer Science (at Aalto). My work during this time included design, implementation (in MATLAB), and theoretical characterization of algorithms in the fields of Signal Processing, Optimization, and Machine Learning. I have co-authored a total of 13 papers in peer-reviewed journals (4) and conferences (9). I have co-supervised 7 Master’s students.
Bárbara Borges


“Let's talk a bit about Universal Basic Income"

Bárbara is a software engineer living in Porto. She studied in Norway for two years and then moved on to the United States, where she completed a double major in Statistics and Computer Science (from Macalester College).
After four freezing Minnesota winters, she is back in her warm homeland of Portugal, working remotely for RStudio. When she is not dueling with software bugs, she can be found ranting about social justice topics, among which, UBI. For her, the concept of a basic income is one of very few concrete ideas right now that can foster transformative and lasting change.
Hélder Dias


“Let's talk a bit about creating a Portuguese unicorn"

I graduated in Computer Engineering and soon after started travelling the globe implementing Technology in retailers (10 different countries). Managed Large Scale Programs changing and enabling global businesses through Technology. Joined Farfetch to work in Product Strategy, fell in love with the business and moved to Engineering.


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