--- --- Talk A Bit - 6th Edition
20 Jan 2018
Student Organized
Tech Conference @ Porto


Talk A Bit is a non-profit tech conference organized by graduating Software Engineering students from FEUP, the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. Like in previous occurances, this year's 6th edition of the conference will focus on the social impact of technology.

The conference started in 2013 with less than 150 attendees, a number that has grown to 500 in last year's edition. The trend is clear, and it demonstrates how much social responsibility in technology is important for the general public.

The 6th edition of Talk A Bit will take place on January 20th, 2018, at FEUP. Starting at 9:00, the morning will be occupied by presentations from the codingforsocialimpact.org project, a local project that has FEUP students developing real projects for real organizations that aim to use those projects to make a positive social impact. Previous editions of the project have had student projects focusing on areas ranging from medical care to aiding elder people.

Also during the morning, there will be several workshops with different subjects, which will be announced soon.

During the afternoon, there will be talks from external speakers, as well as a discussion forum. Both will cover all sorts of topics from Artificial Intelligence to autonomous vehicles, always with a focus on the social impact of such technologies. At the end, there will be a networking dinner as well as a social event, to bring companies and students together in a relaxed environment where experiences and thoughts can be shared.


Talk A Bit 2018 - Program


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What is the price of my ticket?
The main ticket is entirely free. If you want some extra goodies, registration will open soon.
What is included in my ticket?
The ticket includes access to the presentations, forum, lunch, coffee-breaks and networking. Registered attendees also get extra goodies! Dinner is optional at this point.
What languages are spoken?
Most of the event talks and workshops will be held in Portuguese, however there can be talks in English depending on the final program.
Is there any requirement to attend Talk A Bit?
Nope, just bring your excitement, curiosity and contageous smile!
How to get to Talk A Bit?

By plane:

To Aeroporto Sá Carneiro (OPorto), and then by car or subway (line E) with line changing in Trindade to line D with direction to Hospital S.João with exit on station IPO.

By car:

  • Coming from South by A1 - Ash bridge: Take the direction Porto - Paranhos and follow the signs toward the Hospital de S. João.
  • Coming from A4: Take the direction Porto Centro and follow the signs toward the Hospital de S. João.
  • Coming from A3: Take the direction to Hospital de S. João
  • Coming from A28: Take the A4 direction to Vila Real - Porto Centro - Follow the direction to Hospital de S. João.

By bus:

From Rodonorte/Rede Expressos/Tâmega station, follow to Aliados Avenue and take the subway with direction Hospital S. João (line D). Or take bus number: 204, 300, 301 and 803. There are also other buses near Hospital de São João. For more information: www.stcp.pt

By train:

If coming by train, there are two main stations:

  • Campanhã – followed by the subway to Trindade in any line (A,B,C,E) and then change to D line.
  • São Bento – and then get in the subway (line D)

If coming by subway, take the one from line D (yellow) going to Hospital de São João and exit on IPO. After that, follow Rua Dr. Plácido da Costa to FEUP. For more information: www.metrodoporto.pt

I have specific questions that are not adressed here. Who can help me?
For additional enquiries reach out to geral@talkabit.org and we will reply as soon as possible!









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