Here are the companies that are making Talk a Bit 2014 possible. Right now we are a bit short on supplies, so why don't you give us a help?

Institutional sponsor

Conference sponsors

Why sponsor Talk a Bit?

Talk a Bit attracts people with a wide range of experience and backgrounds. You find attendees working at promising startups, developers and future engineers as well as company managers. One thing everyone has in common is their passion for technology and the way it changes our society.

Between 100-200 people get to socialize in one place during a saturday evening.

The most important thing at Talk a Bit is the opportunity to meet, talk and learn from one another. The attendees have time for discussions with the speakers after the presentations and to talk to each other.

As a sponsor you will have plenty of time to interact.

Sponsorhip Opportunities

Feature Prestige Premium Softbits Friendly
Logo on webpage of the event
Logo on the poster of the event
Disclosure of merchandising
Disclosure of your company on social networks
Seat reserved in one of the talks to choose
Printing of the logo on the T-shirts of the staff
Stand of your company in the lounge area
Premium presentation of your company activity within the context of the event
Great emphasis in the disclosure materials
750€ 500€ 250€ 100€