About the conference
Talk A Bit - talkabit.org - is a student organised conference where technology hot topics are discussed. The organisers are graduating students in Software Engineering at FEUP (Faculty of Engineering - University of Porto, Portugal). It started in 2013 with less than 150 people attending and was mostly internal to our university. Last year, the 4th edition, we had 400 participants ranging from software engineering students to experts in the area. Our activities include talks from startups and important players, ideas for the future, workshops, networking and more.
5th Edition
This year edition topic is the social impact of technology and wants to greatly inspire the creators of tomorrow to act with greater social responsibility. It reflects our effort in this matter alongside with other initiatives like codingforsocialimpact.org, a partnership where students build technological solutions to social innovators. It will take place on the 4th February, 2017 in the great auditorium of FEUP.